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“Another highly colourful and imaginative visit to the delightful world of Joya – motorbike riding dogs, chillaxing ferrets, lock-picking cats and a risk-taking rabbit – and one of their human Traders has been given a powerful bean! Wonderfully written – perfect for any reader with a want to fly through the pages of adventure.”

~ Anita Andrews, writer 

“I fell in love with the feisty Teal and felt strangely drawn to the bitter Julius. The writer has created a vibrant other world, which fills the reader’s mind with images. The two narratives give this children’s book a sophisticated edge, the reader waits in suspense for both worlds to collide.”

~ Rebecca Missouri, Teacher

   Redbridge Community School, Southampton, England

“I really liked the two plot lines developing at the same time, and what this will mean for the likable main characters. I enjoyed the descriptions and personalities of the various characters, as well.

A good read that definitely caught my interest.”

~ Charlotte, aged 16, Massachusetts, USA

“Liane visited our school and she captivated the children when she read the beginning of her book, THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA. She also took time to share her ideas on the craft of writing and again it was clear to see that she inspired a lot of children to develop their personal writing skills. It was a great experience for the children and her book has been enjoyed by many of our pupils during the year.”

~ Ms Jayne Spreadbury, Spinfield School, Marlow

“Well, this book is a very inspirational book which makes your mind explore different places you have never imagined before. You can tell by the action, dialogue and description the author has had an amazing time writing it and by the first page I knew that the author had put a lot of thought into the book.”

~ Maddie Betts, 11 ,United kingdom, West Totton

“I love it! What a fantastic idea, I really felt I was there on the planet with the purple fields … I was transported.”

~ Erika, aged 25, Las Vegas, USA

Liane Carter's much awaited sequel to The Chronicles of Joya - The Fig Bean and the Huvri will delight readers with its dynamite pace and jump out of the page characters. It does what only the very best sequels do - it allows new readers to pick up the story even if they haven't read the first book in the series. Yet, I highly recommend you read both books as the characters and plots are mesmerising.

~ Rebecca Missouri, English Teacher

   Redbridge Community School, Southampton, UK

“A really original and refreshing idea; as a lover of all creatures great and small, I loved the notion that there may be more to one’s pet rabbit than meets the eye!  Riveting stuff.”

~ Victoria, aged 22, London, England

“I really enjoyed your book, Liane, I just could not put it down. I like how the story switched from Joya to Earth and could picture all the characters in my head. MY favourite has to be Rocket Ron Johnson because he reminds me of my trainer!!!! Cant wait for book number 2.”

~ Perry Barker, aged 14, Ciudad Quesada, Spain

“Liane has a way of talking to children as if she is speaking to each one individually. Her book, THE CHRONICLES OF JOYA, has fired the imagination of our children and they cannot wait for the next one!”

 ~ Marilyn Chegwyn, North Baddesley School, Southampton 

“Liane is totally dedicated to encouraging children to read for pleasure. She is energetic, open and keen throughout her delivery. The students were more than engaged, they were hooked! Her love of reading, and her desire to share her experience with students shines through everything she does. Liane does not pretend to be something she’s not, what you see is what you get – and trust me you get a fantastic experience.  Spend some time with Liane and you will come away knowing that you have made friends with someone very special. Liane made a huge impact on the many different people she spoke to during the day.  Students are still asking for her book months later.”

~ Melita Sheppard

   Cantell Maths & Computing College, Southampton

“So exciting. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.”

~ Allan, aged 9, Glasgow, Scotland

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